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VERTIGE - Aux Solitaires ! (Massacre boxset)

VERTIGE - Aux Solitaires ! (Massacre boxset)

75,00 €Prix

Please read carefully ! The limited Massacre boxset includes :- A wooden box, hand numbered, engraved, and painted at home- The A5 Digipack CD- A 2 track - 20+min bonus Digifile CD- A grey scarf marked with Vertige logo- An enveloppe with your name, containing 4 nice postcards- A real roe deer skull. Note : you will have the choice of the name on your enveloppe, in case you want a pseudo or something, otherwise it will be the name on your order. You can chose (at least at the begining) between 3 types of skull (see picture) : - entire : to simply place on a surface- cut back (often bigger antler) : allows to hang it on a wall- bizarde head : skull with anomalies, irregular antlers, for the collectors ! Every skull is different and unique so of course every package will be different from another ! most of them can have little scratchs, missing pieces, partially broken parts...

  • Skulls and foreign customs

    please inform yourself about the laws in your country regarding receiving a skull, I am allowed to export deer skulls but you may NOT be allowed to import them.

    the US custom in particular, may be annoying

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