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T 4 / FORN VALDYRHEIM - Reminisce Eternity

Black Metal

(With members from Dissonant Winds and Moon)

You take the majestic atmosphere of the early Emperor and Setherial, melodies as epic than inspired, a merciless drums execution, complex compositions of a breathtaking intensity, an avalanche of frenzied riffs, as a race with eternity, cold and haunted choirs evoking the tribulations of a wandering soul facing night, time, death, cosmos....
In brief, you take the best of scandinavian black metal from the 90's, and you're not even close.


Exhumed, re-mixed and enriched of a new artwork for the occasion,
Forn Valdyrheim teaches us a lesson of Black Metal of the old days,

indeed, Reminisce Eternity dates from 2005.


CD jewelcase + 8 pages booklet

500 copies.

RELEASE DATE : July 17th 2017

J'ai si froid... Si ça continue il va pleuvoir

1 Enthrall the Night's Grandeur

2 Across the Icy Fogs and Mists

3 Beyond the Gate

4 Surpassing the Nether Halls

5 Transient Ascendance

6 Through the Reflection of Time

7 Of Wisdom and Enlightenment 

8 On the Winds of Eternity

9 Autumn Embark

Total play :  66 min

album medley - Forn Valdyrheim
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