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T 3 / PLANETSHINE - Way to Nowhere

Atmospheric - Astral Black Metal

Planetshine was created by Sergei Andrievsky (Psychosis 4.48, Eisflammen, HexenHammer's Flame, Without Dreams...) in 2015.

Life force of project nourishes the dream of stars, distant galaxies, the knowledge of the universe.

The music concept is based on a mixture of Ambient and Atmospheric Black Metal with a few electronic elements.

The debut full-length album "Way to nowhere" is about the journey of the mystical essence of the individual, after separation from the physical body. The 6 tracks plunges into a state of disorientation in the new conditions of existence, the destruction of connections with the past, fear of the coming, dissolution of the ego, acceptance of the unknown and the eternal rest.


CD jewelcase + 8 pages booklet in a slipcase.

300 copies.

RELEASE DATE : June 5th 2017

J'ai si froid... Si ça continue il va pleuvoir

1 Through the corridors of darkness

2 Way to nowhere

3 Beyond the borders of perception

4 Frozen eternity

5 Into the arms of a black hole

6 ... Beyond the event horizon

Total play : 68 min.

Way to Nowhere - Planetshine
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