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T 2 / DISSONANT WINDS - Forestial Transcendence

Atmospheric forest black metal

An esoteric journey into the depths of the soul,

A walk in the deepest and thickest forests,

A worship of misanthropy and abhorrence.


Regular edition (250 copies)

CD Digifile 3 panels + 12 pages booklet

Transcendent edition (Limited to 50 handnumbered copies)

CD Digifile 3 panels + 12 pages booklet

+  Handcrafted black slipcase with screen-printed band logo

+  A3 Poster of Tasmanian gloomy forest

RELEASE DATE : May 10th 2017

J'ai si froid... Si ça continue il va pleuvoir

1 Lo the Forest

2 Upon the pessimist throne

3 Echoes of silence

4 Forestial Transcendence

Total play : 66 minutes

Lo the Forest (exerpt) - Dissonant Winds
00:00 / 00:00
Dissonant Winds A3 poster
Dissonant Winds transcendent package
Dissonant Winds Digifile inside
Dissonant Winds slipcase
Dissonant Winds Digifile closed
Dissonant Winds Digifile + slipcase
Dissonant Winds Digifile Outside
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